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Semimetals are high conductors

19 марта, 2019 - 01:37
Researchers have measured high conductivity in very thin layers of niobium arsenide, a type of material called a Weyl semimetal. The material has about three times the conductivity of copper at room temperature.
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Supercrystal: A hidden phase of matter created by a burst of light

19 марта, 2019 - 01:16
This is one of the first examples of a new state of matter with long-term stability transfigured by the energy from a sub-pico-second laser pulse.
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Researchers discover new material to help power electronics

19 марта, 2019 - 01:07
Scientists have discovered a way to simplify how electronic devices use electrons - using a material that can serve dual roles in electronics, where historically multiple materials have been necessary.
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Long-distance quantum information exchange - success at the nanoscale

19 марта, 2019 - 01:00
Researchers have realized the swap of electron spins between distant quantum dots. The discovery brings us a step closer to future applications of quantum information, as the tiny dots have to leave enough room on the microchip for delicate control electrodes.
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Molecular motors run in unison in a metal-organic framework

19 марта, 2019 - 00:54
Organic chemists have succeeded in integrating numerous unidirectional light-driven rotary motors into a metal-organic framework.
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On-chip, electronically tunable frequency comb

19 марта, 2019 - 00:45
Researchers have developed an integrated, on-chip frequency comb that is efficient, stable and highly controllable with microwaves.
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A ground-breaking chemical protocol: on-surface synthesis of acene polymers

19 марта, 2019 - 00:37
A new chemical protocol introduces the on-surface design of anthracene-based polymers with a small electronic bandgap, interesting for organic optoelectronics.
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Researchers create water-resistant electronic skin with self-healing abilities

18 марта, 2019 - 10:33
The skin-like material is conductive, transparent, and can repair itself either in air or when submerged in water.
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Motion control at the nanoscale

18 марта, 2019 - 10:25
Pysicists have designed a bipedal nanowalker that can change its walking manner and direction by adjusting the length of its stride.
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Light-induced active ion transport in graphene oxide membranes

18 марта, 2019 - 06:13
Recent research in nanofluidics has adopted reconstructed layered two-dimensional (2D) sheets as a promising material platform for nanofluidics. These membranes contain a high volume fraction of interconnected 2D nanochannels. In new work, researchers demonstrate a coupled photon-electron-ion transport phenomenon through graphene oxide membranes. It shows a straightforward way on how to power the transport in 2D layered materials using the energy of light.
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Mass manufacturing of metasurfaces

18 марта, 2019 - 02:26
Advanced display technologies based on nanostructures could be mass manufactured by introducing existing techniques from the semiconductor electronics industry.
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Quantum sensing method measures minuscule magnetic fields

16 марта, 2019 - 00:59
Researchers find a new way to make nanoscale measurements of fields in more than one dimension.
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Researchers measure near-perfect performance in low-cost semiconductors

15 марта, 2019 - 23:06
Researchers redefine what it means for low-cost semiconductors, called quantum dots, to be near-perfect and find that quantum dots meet quality standards set by more expensive alternatives.
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Nanocrystal 'factory' could revolutionize quantum dot manufacturing

15 марта, 2019 - 23:00
Researchers have developed a microfluidic system for synthesizing perovskite quantum dots across the entire spectrum of visible light. The system drastically reduces manufacturing costs, can be tuned on demand to any color and allows for real-time process monitoring to ensure quality control.
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Biosensor may provide better cancer diagnosis

15 марта, 2019 - 15:51
Researchers have developed a new biological sensor that could help clinicians better diagnose cancer and epilepsy.
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Radiation tolerance of 2D materials for space applications tested

15 марта, 2019 - 15:45
A study has found that a number of 2D materials can not only withstand being sent into space, but potentially thrive in the harsh conditions.
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Scientists track patterns of island growth in crystals

15 марта, 2019 - 11:53
Understanding how crystals grow impacts broad areas of materials science, from developing better microelectronics to discovering new materials. At the atomic level, crystals can grow in several different ways, and scientists have recently discovered an intriguing behavior associated with a common way that crystals grow.
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Antimonene-based all-optical modulator

15 марта, 2019 - 08:10
In recent years, all-optical modulators (AOMs) have attracted significant interests due to their low power consumption, broad bandwidth, and potential in all-optical fields. Among these, AOMs based on the high photothermal efficiency of antimonene, exhibit remarkable advantages for their large modulation depth, wide operating wavelength range, and easy implementation. Researchers demonstrated that an antimonene-based AOM was successfully utilized to actively Q-switch a fiber laser in a fully photonics domain and this actively modulated laser represented all-optically tunable output parameters, and easy time synchronization.
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Design and validation of world-class multilayered thermal emitter using machine learning

15 марта, 2019 - 07:15
Selection of an optimum structure from approximately eight billion candidates may make society more energy efficient.
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Converting biomass by applying mechanical force

15 марта, 2019 - 00:36
Nanoscientists discover new mechanism to cleave cellulose effectively and in an environmentally friendly way.
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