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How slippery surfaces allow sticky pastes and gels to slide

23 апреля, 2019 - 11:25
Engineered surface treatment can reduce waste and improve efficiency in many processes.
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Quantum gas turns supersolid

23 апреля, 2019 - 11:13
Scientists report on the observation of supersolid behavior in dipolar quantum gases of erbium and dysprosium. In the dysprosium gas these properties are unprecedentedly long-lived. This sets the stage for future investigations into the nature of this exotic phase of matter.
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Semiconductor scientists discover effect that was thought impossible

22 апреля, 2019 - 18:16
A physical effect known as superinjection underlies modern light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and lasers. For decades this effect was believed to occur only in semiconductor heterostructures. Researchers now have found superinjection to be possible in homostructures, which are made of a single material.
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Printing self-powered sensor systems on plastic

22 апреля, 2019 - 16:52
New research demonstrates the concept of a printable and wearable self-powered sensor system for ethanol/acetone detection.
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Building a printing press for atomically thin 2D materials

22 апреля, 2019 - 15:28
Researchers are developing an automated system to synthesize entirely new materials made from stacked atomically thin two-dimensional sheets and to characterize their exotic quantum properties.
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Precision-guided nanoparticles help improve treatment of peritoneal tumors

22 апреля, 2019 - 15:02
Tests showed that precision-guided anticancer nanoparticles have improved efficacy and reduced side effects.
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Modified 'white graphene' for eco-friendly energy

22 апреля, 2019 - 14:56
Scientists found a way how to use 2D material for hydrogen energy.
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Quantum-material-based proton-irradiation-immune electronics for space travel

22 апреля, 2019 - 11:11
Proton radiation damage is an important failure mechanism for electronic devices in near-Earth orbits and deep space. The future of space exploration depends crucially on the development of new electronic technologies that are immune to space radiation, which consists primarily of protons, electrons, and cosmic rays. The penetrating energetic radiation of deep space produces negative impacts on not only biological entities but also the electronic systems of space vehicles. Researchers have now demonstrated two-dimensional charge-density-wave devices with a remarkable immunity to bombardment with protons.
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Biomimetics: Artificial receptor distinguishes between male and female hormones

22 апреля, 2019 - 09:49
Study opens the door to developing ultrasensitive analytical devices for medical and sports applications.
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Photonics: The curious case of the disappearing cylinders

22 апреля, 2019 - 09:39
Study opens a new route to achieving invisibility without using metamaterials.
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From 2D to 1D: Atomically quasi '1D' wires using a carbon nanotube template

20 апреля, 2019 - 09:31
New bulk synthesis method for nanowires of molybdenum telluride for nanoelectronics.
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Counting antigens with gold nanoparticles

19 апреля, 2019 - 11:14
Researchers propose a gold nanoparticle (GNP) probe-assisted sandwich-counting strategy in vitro that relies on a GNP probe, an antibody-functionalized chip to 'count' antigen molecules using a scanning electron microscope.
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Flies smell through a gore-tex system

19 апреля, 2019 - 10:58
New insights into the formation of surface nanostructures.
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Electric skyrmions charge ahead for next-generation data storage

18 апреля, 2019 - 20:30
Research team makes a chiral skyrmion crystal with electric properties; puts new spin on future information storage applications.
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From nata de coco to computer screens: Cellulose gets a chance to shine

18 апреля, 2019 - 16:42
Researchers meticulously measured the optical birefringence of highly aligned cellulose nanofibers, paving the way for sharper television, computer, and smartphone screens.
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A hole in one for holographic display

18 апреля, 2019 - 16:18
Scientists have designed an ultrathin display that can project dynamic, multi-colored, 3D holographic images.
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Optical tweezers achieve new feats of capturing atoms

18 апреля, 2019 - 15:32
In a new study, scientists showed that it could load groups of individual atoms into large grids with an efficiency unmatched by existing methods.
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Lasers make magnets behave like fluids

18 апреля, 2019 - 15:25
Researchers have discovered how magnets recover after being blasted by a laser. It turns out, they act a bit like oil and water in a jar.
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Researchers improve method to recycle and renew used cathodes from lithium-ion batteries

18 апреля, 2019 - 15:20
Researchers have improved their recycling process that regenerates degraded cathodes from spent lithium-ion batteries. The new process is safer and uses less energy than their previous method in restoring cathodes to their original capacity and cycle performance.
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Faster Active Alignment with NanoCube XYZ Piezo Flexure Scanning Stage

18 апреля, 2019 - 15:12
A more compact XYZ nanopositioning system for faster active alignment and higher scanning speed, with integrated sensors for nanometer precise closed-loop control is now available.
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