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Stanene grows on silver

Nanotechweb.org - 5 января, 2018 - 16:14
Graphene’s heaviest cousin shows promise for nanoelectronics, spintronics and potential quantum-computing applications.
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Lithium niobate makes ultra-high-Q resonators

Nanotechweb.org - 5 января, 2018 - 16:01
Devices might be used to make ultra-efficient integrated photonics circuits, in quantum photonics and optical communications.
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New technique produces strong, resilient nanofibers for many applications

Nanowerk.com - 5 января, 2018 - 15:31
Researchers have developed a process that can produce nanofibers that are exceptionally strong and tough.

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Nanocatalyst cleans toxic nitrates from drinking water

Nanowerk.com - 5 января, 2018 - 15:26
Scientists have found a catalyst that cleans toxic nitrates from drinking water by converting them into air and water.

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How to optimize nanomaterials for fuel-cell cathodes

Nanowerk.com - 5 января, 2018 - 15:20
Nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes or modified graphene nanoribbons may be suitable replacements for platinum for fast oxygen reduction, the key reaction in fuel cells that transform chemical energy into electricity.

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Magnetic nanomotors with integrated theranostic capabilities

Nanowerk.com - 5 января, 2018 - 12:05
The role of artificial nanomotors integrated with therapeutic capabilities is a very promising field for clinical applications of medical nanotechnology. Researchers now have demonstrated the intelligent design of nanomotors with a single coating of ferrite, which act as a spacer layer as well as providing therapeutic potential by magnetic hyperthermia. These motors can be remotely maneuvered. The team also tackled the problem of magnetic agglomeration associated with ferromagnetic nanomotors, which limits their biomedical application.

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One-step catalyst turns nitrates into water and air

ScienceDaily.com: Nanotechnology News - 5 января, 2018 - 00:08
Engineers have found a catalyst the cleans toxic nitrates from drinking water by converting them into air and water.
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Improving the optical efficiency in nanophotonic devices

Nanowerk.com - 4 января, 2018 - 22:21
A team of physicists has demonstrated the means to improve the optical loss characteristics and transmission efficiency of hexagonal boron nitride devices, enabling very small lasers and nanoscale optics.

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Touchy nanotubes work better when clean

Nanowerk.com - 4 января, 2018 - 22:16
Decontaminating nanotubes can simplify nanoscale devices.

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Optical efficiency in nanophotonic devices

ScienceDaily.com: Nanotechnology News - 4 января, 2018 - 21:16
Nanophotonic devices have direct applications for use in ultra-high resolution microscopes, solar energy harvesting, optical computing and targeted medical therapies.
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Macrophage nanosponges could keep sepsis in check

ScienceDaily.com: Nanotechnology News - 4 января, 2018 - 20:02
Researchers have developed macrophage 'nanosponges' -- nanoparticles cloaked in the cell membranes of macrophages -- that can safely remove sepsis-causing molecules from the bloodstream. In lab tests, these macrophage nanosponges improved survival rates in mice with sepsis.
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Simple spectroscopic technique to study polymer behaviour at interfaces

Nanotechweb.org - 4 января, 2018 - 16:12
New results could benefit scientists working on developing colloidal formulations with an improved shelf life, lubricants, drug-delivery systems and anti-bacterial surfaces.
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Unlocking the secrets of nanoscale 3D printing

Nanowerk.com - 4 января, 2018 - 14:18
Researchers have discovered novel ways to extend the capabilities of two-photon lithography, a high-resolution 3D printing technique capable of producing nanoscale features smaller than one-hundredth the width of a human hair.

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Leaving flatland - quantum Hall physics in 4D

Nanowerk.com - 4 января, 2018 - 11:20
Scientists implement a dynamical version of the 4D quantum Hall effect with ultracold atoms in an optical superlattice potential.

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Graphene 'tattoo' sensor enables measurements of water use in crops

Nanowerk.com - 4 января, 2018 - 11:00
Researchers have developed a 'plant tattoo sensor' to take real-time, direct measurements of water use in crops.

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Macrophage nanosponges could keep sepsis in check

Nanowerk.com - 4 января, 2018 - 10:52
A team of researchers has developed macrophage 'nanosponges', which are nanoparticles cloaked in the cell membranes of macrophages, that can safely absorb and remove molecules from the bloodstream that are known to trigger sepsis.

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Physicists build muscle for shape-changing, cell-sized robots

ScienceDaily.com: Nanotechnology News - 4 января, 2018 - 00:01
Robotics experts have made a robot exoskeleton that can rapidly change its shape upon sensing chemical or thermal changes in its environment. And, they claim, these microscale machines -- equipped with electronic, photonic and chemical payloads -- could become a powerful platform for robotics at the size scale of biological microorganisms.
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Laser evaporation technology to create new solar materials

Nanowerk.com - 3 января, 2018 - 19:21
Delicate hybrid organic-inorganic crystals open new possibilities for light-based technologies.

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Carbon nanotubes devices may have a limit to how 'nano' they can be

Nanowerk.com - 3 января, 2018 - 19:13
Carbon nanotubes bound for electronics not only need to be as clean as possible to maximize their utility in next-generation nanoscale devices, but contact effects may limit how small a nano device can be.

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The making of biorelevant nanomaterials

ScienceDaily.com: Nanotechnology News - 3 января, 2018 - 18:11
The interactions of biological macromolecules such as nucleic acids, proteins, and polysaccharide-protein conjugates can be mimicked by artificial polyelectrolytes. Such synthetic polyionic complexes are expected to serve as novel platforms to stabilize and deliver drugs, proteins, or nucleic acids. Investigators have now introduced a versatile, commercially applicable preparation strategy of such nanomaterials with tunable morphology. The preparation of libraries of these low-dimensional biorelevant nanostructures can be envisaged.
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