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Electrons take one step forward without two steps back

ScienceDaily.com: Nanotechnology News - 8 июня, 2018 - 20:15
Researchers have, for the first time, successfully used electric dipoles to completely suppress electron transfer in one direction while accelerating in the other. The discovery could aid development of improved solar cells and other energy-conversion devices and hasten the design of new and superb energy and electronic materials.
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Scientists find ordered magnetic patterns in disordered magnetic material

ScienceDaily.com: Nanotechnology News - 8 июня, 2018 - 20:15
A team of scientists has confirmed a special property known as 'chirality' -- which potentially could be exploited to transmit and store data in a new way -- in nanometers-thick samples of multilayer materials that have a disordered structure.
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Silicon provides means to control quantum bits for faster algorithms

Nanowerk.com - 8 июня, 2018 - 17:21
Quantum bits are now easier to manipulate for devices in quantum computing, thanks to enhanced spin-orbit interaction in silicon.

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Nano-saturn: Supramolecular complex formation

ScienceDaily.com: Nanotechnology News - 8 июня, 2018 - 17:19
Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system and has a characteristic ring. Researchers have now synthesized a molecular 'nano-Saturn'. It consists of a spherical C(60) fullerene as the planet and a flat macrocycle made of six anthracene units as the ring. The structure is confirmed by spectroscopic and X-ray analyses.
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Scientist examines radiation damage in nanostructured materials

Nanowerk.com - 8 июня, 2018 - 17:15
An engineering professor examined the potential use of various materials in nuclear reactors in an extensive review article.

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Nanotechnology sensor turns molecular fingerprints into bar codes

Nanowerk.com - 8 июня, 2018 - 16:31
A new sensor system can detect and analyze molecules with very high precision and without needing bulky equipment. It opens the door to large-scale, image-based detection of materials aided by artificial intelligence.

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Nanowerk.com - 8 июня, 2018 - 16:24
Supramolecular complex formation: Anthracene macrocycle and C60 fullerene.

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Scientists go deep to quantify perovskite properties

Nanowerk.com - 8 июня, 2018 - 13:13
Project to study excitons important to next-generation electronics.

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Researchers discover an innovative way to manipulate light in silicon

Nanowerk.com - 8 июня, 2018 - 10:03
By demonstrating a new type of laser that amplifies light with sound waves in a silicon chip, the team's research represents a significant advance in the field of silicon photonics.

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New approach to generating ultrashort laser pulses

Nanowerk.com - 8 июня, 2018 - 09:51
Extremely short mid-infrared laser pulses will help scientists explore ultrafast processes in atoms.

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Porous silica protects nickel nanoparticle catalyst

Nanowerk.com - 8 июня, 2018 - 09:46
Nanoparticles avoid deactivation and convert biomass-derived gas into methane.

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Photonics - Getting into the groove

Nanowerk.com - 8 июня, 2018 - 09:42
Light focused into nano-grooves in a gold film bonded to an atomically thin crystal flake produces a remarkable frequency doubling effect.

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Light-bending nano-patterns for LEDs

Nanowerk.com - 8 июня, 2018 - 09:35
Direct nanoscale patterning of LED surfaces brings new possibilities for the control of light.

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МГУ — в сотне лучших вузов мира по версии QS World University Rankings

Нанометр.ру — Новости - 8 июня, 2018 - 09:29
6 июня 2018 года опубликован новый глобальный рейтинг вузов QS World University Rankings, в котором Московский государственный университет имени М.В.Ломоносова прибавил 5 позиций по сравнению с предыдущим годом и занял 90-е место. Как отметили составители рейтинга, с 2014 года Московский университет поднялся уже на 30 позиций и демонстрирует стабильную положительную динамику.
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A nanotech sensor that turns molecular fingerprints into bar codes

ScienceDaily.com: Nanotechnology News - 7 июня, 2018 - 21:10
A new system can detect and analyze molecules without the need for an infrared spectrometer. The system uses nanostructured metapixels to detect and then translate molecules' unique signatures into bar codes. The technology can be integrated into a compact sensor chip. It opens the door to large-scale image-based detection of materials using machine-learning technology.
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Double-layered porous nanotubes with spatially separated photoredox surfaces

Nanowerk.com - 7 июня, 2018 - 13:56
A recent study reveals that double-layered porous nanotubes with spatially separated photoredox surfaces that were synthesized by self-template strategy showed enhanced photocatalytic activity toward hydrogen production.

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Self-propelled droplets can act as programmable micro-carriers

Nanowerk.com - 7 июня, 2018 - 13:48
Researchers have shown in a model system that small emulsion droplets can be used as smart carriers. They have developed a method for producing self-propelled liquid droplets capable of providing spatially and temporally controlled delivery of a molecular load.

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Surface science: Does nanoconfinement affect the interaction between two materials placed in contact?

Nanowerk.com - 7 июня, 2018 - 12:32
A reserach team shows that it is possible to estimate how nanoconfinement affects the number of contacts formed by two materials placed in intimate contact and, hence, the interfacial interactions.

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Transparent, conductive films promising for developing flexible screens

Nanowerk.com - 7 июня, 2018 - 11:13
Researchers demonstrate silver-based electrode films that could be used for flexible touch displays, televisions and solar cells.

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Transparent, conductive films promising for developing flexible screens

ScienceDaily.com: Nanotechnology News - 7 июня, 2018 - 00:02
Because silver is less brittle and more chemically resistant than materials currently used to make these electrodes, the new films could offer a high-performance and long-lasting option for use with flexible screens and electronics. The silver-based films could also enable flexible solar cells for installation on windows, roofs and even personal devices.
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