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Researchers construct an artificial olfactory system based on self-powered nano-generator

25 июля, 2019 - 18:11
This device can sense different odor molecules and recognize different odors. It has been demonstrated in vivo in animal models.
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Transforming biology to design next-generation computers, using a surprise ingredient

25 июля, 2019 - 18:00
Researchers have found ways of transforming structures that occur naturally in cell membranes to create other architectures, like parallel 1nm-wide line segments, more applicable to computing.
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Molecular mayhem at root of battery breakdown

25 июля, 2019 - 15:33
Overly active oxygen atoms escape with ease, leading to battery failure.
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Chemists close gap in making nanomedicines safer, more efficient

25 июля, 2019 - 15:25
A new study describes how one of the liver's natural toxin-removal processes can improve the delivery of nanomedicines.
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Soft micro-monitors keep tabs on oxygen in new tissues

25 июля, 2019 - 15:14
Scientists develop fluorescent sensors to track nutrients in hydrogel-based healing.
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Microwave dynamic therapy as a novel, effective cancer treatment

25 июля, 2019 - 11:48
Researchers have for the first time proposed a novel tumor treatment strategy for microwave dynamic therapy to effectively treat cancers. This technique can promote the efficacy of dynamic treatment of deep tumors in clinical research and could have a broad range of applications. The team found that liquid metal supernanoparticles can generate reactive oxygen species (ROS) under microwave irradiation. That makes them suitable as microwave sensitizers for revolutionizing the ROS generation techniques.
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Microrobots show promise for treating tumors

25 июля, 2019 - 07:53
Researchers demonstrate a robotic platform for delivering drugs in the human body.
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Nanoparticles promote functional healing following spinal cord injury

24 июля, 2019 - 21:50
Paralyzing damage in spinal cord injury is often caused by the zealous immune response to the injury. Scientists have developed nanoparticles that lure immune cells away from the spinal cord, allowing regeneration that restored spinal cord function in mice.
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A novel method to fine-tune the properties of carbon nanotubes

24 июля, 2019 - 19:28
Scientists have developed a novel method to fine-tune the optoelectrical properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) by applying an aerosolized dopant solution on their surface, thus opening up new avenues for SWCNT application in optoelectronics.
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Developing technologies that run on light

24 июля, 2019 - 19:19
Researchers are designing a nanoscale photon diode - a necessary component that could bring us closer to faster, more energy-efficient computers and communications that replace electricity with light.
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Tiny changes, big impact

24 июля, 2019 - 17:06
As the use of nanoparticles in products grows ever more common, scientists are exploring ways to keep them from harming our freshwater ecosystems.
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Does one size does fit all? A new model for organic semiconductors

24 июля, 2019 - 16:56
Researchers report new observations for organic single crystals that derive from their flexibility, opening the door for new organic electronics.
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Valleytronics core theory for future high-efficiency semiconductor technology

24 июля, 2019 - 16:51
Scientists discovered a theory that can expand the development of valleytronics technology, which has been drawing attention as a next generation semiconductor technology. This is expected to advance the development of valleytronics technology one level further, a new magnetic technology of next generation that surpasses the existing data processing speed.
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Using 2D materials to make ultrathin transistors for faster computer chips

24 июля, 2019 - 16:42
An important breakthrough in transistor technology has been achieved: With the help of novel insulators, high-quality transistors can be produced using two-dimensional materials.
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Artificial graphene throat could someday help mute people 'speak'

24 июля, 2019 - 16:34
Researchers have developed a wearable artificial throat that, when attached to the neck like a temporary tattoo, can transform throat movements into sounds.
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New nanocomposite material for wearable devices able to restore conductivity

24 июля, 2019 - 07:45
New material for wearable devices can self-heal and recover its original electrical conductivity even after being significantly stretched or completely cut.
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