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Nano-vehicle to deliver life-saving drugs

1 апреля, 2019 - 14:37
Many modern drugs are less effective than they could be because they are blocked by the body's own defences. Researchers have devised ways to bypass these barriers to get drugs to where they are needed.
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A molecular Rubik's Cube

1 апреля, 2019 - 14:31
Researchers have created the smallest-ever version of the famous brain-teaser.
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Odd reaction when functionalizing nanotubes creates a stir in the lab

30 марта, 2019 - 14:48
The stirrers that mix cream into your coffee probably don't make much difference to the drink. But in a chemistry lab, it turns out using the wrong stirrer can skew the science.
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Just add heat to open this tiny box: Nanocubes automatically connect, disassemble at different temperatures

29 марта, 2019 - 12:53
Researchers have designed two types of nano-sized building blocks that can automatically connect into cubes and scramble back into individual components based on the temperature of their environment. This accomplishment is another step towards chemical systems that more realistically mimic life.
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Quantum physics and origami for the ultimate get-well card

29 марта, 2019 - 10:45
Scientists have combined the simplicity of paper with the complexity of quantum physics for point-of-care testing in low-resource environments.
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Long Travel Linear Motor Stage - 32" Travel, Nanometer Resolution

29 марта, 2019 - 00:17
The new linear translation stage from PI is engineered for industrial applications with high demands on dynamics, precision, smooth scan motion, short settling times, and low tracking error.
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Illuminating water filtration

28 марта, 2019 - 23:49
Researchers using ultrabright x-rays reveal the molecular structure of membranes used to purify seawater into drinking water.
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Tiny optical elements could one day replace traditional refractive lenses

28 марта, 2019 - 23:42
A research team has developed tiny optical elements from metal nanoparticles and a polymer that one day could replace traditional refractive lenses to realize portable imaging systems and optoelectronic devices.
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A nanomagnet compass pointing West

28 марта, 2019 - 23:33
Scientists have discovered a special phenomenon in magnets. This phenomenon takes place at the nanoscale and enables magnets to be assembled in unusual configurations, which could also be useful for computer technology and data storage.
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Ferromagnetic nanoparticle systems show promise for ultrahigh-speed spintronics

28 марта, 2019 - 15:59
In the future, ultrahigh-speed spintronics will require ultrafast coherent magnetization reversal within a picosecond - one-trillionth of a second. Spintronics centers on an electron's spin and magnetic moment in solid-state devices.
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Tomorrow's data memories: Using new technology to explore single molecule magnets in slow motion

28 марта, 2019 - 15:52
Similar to slow motion, details about single molecule magnets can now be analysed in a complementary way in order to find out more about their storage capacity.
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Nanovaccine boosts immunity in sufferers of metabolic syndrome

28 марта, 2019 - 15:26
A new class of biomaterial for an infectious disease nanovaccine effectively boosted immunity in mice with metabolic disorders linked to gut bacteria - a population that shows resistance to traditional flu and polio vaccines.
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Fullerenes bridge conductive gap in organic photovoltaics

28 марта, 2019 - 12:52
Efficient cathode interlayers made of ionene polymers refined with pendant fullerenes.
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'Biological bandage' could help heal wounds

28 марта, 2019 - 12:52
Scientists have developed a three-dimensional protein structure in the laboratory that could help to heal wounds in the future. It is conceivable that one day this network could be produced as a kind of 'biological bandage' from the blood of the person who will use it.
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